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1920’s Glass

Spirit of the Wind Hood Ornament debuted on a 1928 Minerva automobile (René Lalique, 1928) Recreations of antique hand-blown wine bottles used in the 1920’s made by Restoration Hardware 1920’s Art Deco Chandelier (Recreation) Art Deco Silvered Lamps (Christies) Advertisements

Blanche Satchell with The Mirror (1926), a photo by Alfred Cheney Johnston

Source: Vintage Buff (an excellent Pinterest page)

Tales of the Jazz Age

If you were taking a tour through the Jazz Age, there’s no better place to start than F. Scott Fitzgerald and John Held, Jr.

Fitzgerald’s literary works, from the Beautiful and the Damned to the Great Gatsby, captured the spirit of the age and Held’s illustrations for Life Magazine put it on display with a playful glamorous humor.

Their collaboration on the cover of Fitzgerald’s Tales of the Jazz Age seems not only appropriate, but somehow destined.